Episode List

Episode 1: WTF Happened to The Boondocks?

Episode 2: Fanservice is Our Service!

Episode 3: Interview With Andrew Kaiko

Episode 4: Amputees and Illegitimate Children (Adventure Time)

Episode 5: RIP Saturday Morning Cartoons

Episode 6: Horny for Ponies: An Interview With Pan-Pizza

Episode 7: Trick or Treat or Die [Halloween Specials]

Episode 8: Red Herring Did It [Scooby Doo Retrospective Part 1 of 2]

Episode 9: All Hail the Doo [Scooby Doo Retrospective Part 2 of 2]

Episode 10: Life Has Many Doors, Ed-Boy! [Ed, Edd n’ Eddy Retrospective]

Episode 11: It’s Juice and Jam Time [Sonic the Hedgehog Retrospective]

Episode 12: The Gateway Drugs of Anime

Episode 13: Interview With Pilar Newton-Katz

Episode 14: I’M COMIN’ FOR DAT ASS, SANTA [Christmas Specials]

Inbetween #1: The Quadriplegic Cartoonist [John Callahan Tribute]

Episode 15: Nothing on the Inside, Nothing on the Outside [Bojack Horseman]

Episode 16: Black History Month Special

Episode 17: Titans Go! [Teen Titans Retrospective Part 1 of 2]

Episode 18: Attack on Teen Titans [Teen Titans Retrospective Part 2 of 2]

Episode 19: Rick and Morty Forever a Hundred Years Dot Com

Inbetween #2: Kablam’s Lost Spinoff Episode

Episode 20: There Are Cartoons on the Internet?

Episode 21: Interview With Eden Timm

Inbetween #3: Cartoon Rap Music [Adam WarRock Donation Drive 2015]

Inbetween #4: Single Parents in Cartoons

Episode 22: Short Lived Cartoons [Sym Bionic Titan, Clone High, Clerks the Animated Series, MotorCity]

Inbetween #5: Talking About Black Anime Fans

Episode 23: Adult vs. Mature Cartoons

Episode 24: Greg Goes to Hell [Over the Garden Wall]

Episode 25: Executing Little Girls is Not “Bullying” [Paranorman]

Episode 26: Coraline Ruined Her Mother’s Body [Laika’s Coraline]

Episode 27: Green is the Color of Adventure [Cartoon Network Invaded]

Episode 28: Steven SKAniverse: Interview With Steven Universe Writer Ben Levin

Episode 29: Interview With Tiffany Ford [Powerpuff Girls, Steven Universe, Clarence]