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Steven Skaniverse: Interview With Steven Universe Writer Ben Levin

We sit down with Ben Levin to talk about getting a job writing cartoons, making a webseries and how great ska music is.

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Ben’s Links:

Official Website: BenLevin.net

Tumblr: Ben-Levin.Tumblr.com

Doris and Mary-Anne Are Breaking Out of Prison: http://bit.ly/1n9fj9w

Twitter: Twitter.com/ben_levin

Youtube: http://bit.ly/1mMimUt

Storyboard/Scripting Process: http://bit.ly/1JAHtEf

Music and Other Links:

“We Are the Crystal Gems (Ska Instrumental)” – Jeff Liu and Ben Levin (based on original theme by Rebecca Sugar): http://bit.ly/22RfIhr

“Amalgam (Extended Version)” – Aivi & Surasshu: http://bit.ly/1PUylM4

Chuck Jones – The Evolution of an Artist: http://bit.ly/1M8z5L2

There Are Cartoons on the Internet?

Norbert and MrCakeDragonMan talk about internet animation. They discuss how technology has made it easier than ever for people to make cartoons and get them out to people. They also talk about making a living on YouTube cartoons and some of their favorite web animators!


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“Funky Junky”- Audionautix.com

“Party Song” – nockFORCE: http://bit.ly/1HEIM1G

Pokemon Spread: http://bit.ly/1IWB7NJ

Does Independent Animation Have a Future on YouTube?: http://bit.ly/1s2aRWw

Teen Titans No!: http://bit.ly/1DwhRSJ

Bee and Puppycat- “Food Farmer”: http://bit.ly/1v9T7xJ

Doris and Mary-Anne are Breaking Out of Prison Ep. 5: http://bit.ly/1GYQk06

nockFORCE- Art and the Internet: http://bit.ly/1HjQzBp

Baker Street Sax Solo: http://bit.ly/1v9T7xJ

Animators Discussed:

nockFORCE: http://bit.ly/1DTSUlm

Cartoon Hangover: http://bit.ly/1GyqXA5

Animated James: http://bit.ly/1IqdERB

Group 5:  http://bit.ly/1cIdpHK

Spazkidin3d: http://bit.ly/1CZKhAF

Plankhead: http://yfias.com/

Andrew Kaiko: http://bit.ly/1ry6YHc

Explosm Entertainment: http://bit.ly/1EmhDgV

Alex Dudley: http://bit.ly/1Or7QZW

EgoRaptor: http://bit.ly/1jxT0H6

Host: Norbert Daniels Jr.

Co-Host: MrDragonCakeMan